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Animal Health & Welfare, Health and Safety

Foundation Course in Equine Massage Therapy

This course introduces students into the world of equine massage therapy, your practitioner foundation course integrates the varied causes and influences of equine muscular stress. Taking you on an intreging and fascinating journey with new insights into the reality of horses, where you will observe the interactive relationship between physiology, physchology, working discipline, tack, locomotion, healthand equine massage therapy. As you study each module they will reveal many unrecognised causes, origins and pathways of physical and emotional stress, offering you the opportunity to utilise the gentle, though deceptively powerful effects of equine massage therapy; allowing you to provide physical and emotional relief to all horses, from the working to the retired, the young to the vetran all within the contrasting equine worlds of competition and pleasure. As you progress through your course you will find many exercises and activities for you to take part in at home enabling you to transform the pages you read into more engaging and fun practical experiences.

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