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Summer Farm Safety – Child safety

With the summer holidays on the horizon, it is time to remember that farms are not playgrounds and children should always be supervised. As members of the Farm Safety Partnership we are supporting their child safety initiative which is in focus this month.

Farms can be wonderful places for children to grow up, where independence and responsibility are fostered and family relationships are strengthened. They are also a fantastic source of learning where organised visits can inform and inspire children from all backgrounds to learn about where their food comes from and how the industry is vital to everyday life.
However, the sad fact is that farms are the only workplace where children continue to die, in what is always a horrific tragedy for families and heart-breaking for their communities.
Farms and farmyards are not playgrounds. They are hazardous.
We urge you to carry the key messages of this month's child safety initiative and for more detailed advice on child safety on farms please read the safety guide compiled by Yellow Wellies here -

Key messages

  • Children should not be allowed in the farm work place (and for young children they should enjoy outdoor space in a secure fenced area).
  • Any access to the work area by children under 16, for example for education, or knowledge experience, should be planned and fully supervised by an adult not engaged in any work activity.
  • Children under the age of 13 years are specifically prohibited from driving or riding on any agricultural machine.

About our Farm Safety Partnership membership
UKRS are delighted to communicate its membership to the Farm Safety Partnership (FSP). The Farm Safety Partnership represents a broad spectrum of agricultural interests, including the large farming membership organisations; auctioneers; training providers; farming press; and machinery dealers.
As a member we have committed to raising safety awareness in the industry and to support the aims of the partnership:

  • To provide leadership to improve the safety of farms and allied industries.
  • To reduce the numbers of deaths and major injuries to farmers, workers and anyone else coming into contact with farming activities.

We will be communicating the latest partnership safety messages through numerous communications channels over the coming months.

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