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UKRS operation and support during Corona Virus Crisis

What follows is a message to both learners and UKRS members in relation to UKRS operation and support during Corona Virus lockdown.

For those seeking to undertake essential training, many of UKRS' training provider members will be striving to continue to deliver essential training in ways that follow the latest guidelines to maintain social distancing and prevent the spread of corona virus. If you are in need of essential training - we suggest you run a search for the training you require using our course finder - and then, on the course's details page, use the county drop down menu to 'find a provider'. If you contact your nearest training provider they should be able to help you to locate a suitable/safe practical or eLearning course.

Training provider UKRS members
A message from UKRS Director, Jo Bruce:

"Colleagues and friends, I wanted to pen a message of support as we all navigate the various issues corona virus and the associated lockdown is placing on our family, friends and businesses.

Firstly my thoughts are with all those that are being touched by the virus itself - whether personally, family members or friends - all of us at UKRS wish all a healthy recovery.

Secondly my thoughts are with those who's businesses are being severely effected by the lockdown and squashed economy. I like many of you am self-employed. It's a very worrying time for all of us. Limiting my own training group, The Training Association (WEST)'s, operations to only safe, 1-to1 training following government guidelines, effectively shutting us down, at the end of March for the foreseeable future was the responsible thing to do. It doesn't make it any less scary.

In terms of UKRS - we'll continue to be here supporting you all, business as usual, however we also have a few specific areas of support I'll outline in this statement which follows.

Take care & stay safe."

UKRS Operation - Business as usual
UKRS key operations already operate from home office environments as well as through other staff members plugging in remotely - as such, we are able to offer a 'business as usual' operation. We'll be continuing to administer any member related signups, orders and queries.

Financial / cash flow support
The squeezed economy is affecting us all. We'll do what we can to make things less painful. Even though our automated statements will still be sent we'd like you to know we are in no hurry for payment. In fact - we are happy for businesses to defer payment for 3 months* if this helps in any way. If cash flow is an issue, all we ask is you let us know and we'll offer extensions and help wherever we can.

*to be reviewed as crisis situation and economic impact evolves.

Discounted eLearning - keep working, keep learning
In another effort to assist financially, and hopefully encourage new means of generating income, we are offering a 25% discount on the price of all our eLearning courses. As individuals and businesses seek new ways to continue to receive the training they need - eLearning is a great solution. If you've not offered eLearning before, or are not particularly tech savvy, we will do what we can to support you in delivering eLearning to your customers - just get in touch and we'll do what we can to support and train you. To get a feel for how easy it is to use and offer our eLearning courses, watch our short video.

Corona Virus / Epidemic Policy
We've added a 'Training Provision Epidemic Contingency Plan' policy document to our bank of 50+ policy documents, all of which have been created to help allow our members to run their business to suitably high industry standards. You can find the new policy document in the usual 'Downloads' menu section within the 'members area'.

Let's get connected - Social media groups
Finally don't feel isolated. Already we have seen a mass movement of people utilising technology to aid business and social interactions but perhaps more importantly during isolation, to offer support to those with common ground. As such - we have created both a Facebook and Linked In group to provide both members, and other training providers a space where they can reach out for support, ask for help and advice, and share ideas about how they are finding new ways to do business, save money and get through this current crisis. We have setup groups on both FaceBook and LinkedIn as we know our members represent quite a diverse group when it comes to their approaches to social media - if we get a feel for one group being more widely used than another, we may transition to one BUT we will try to share any commentary between the two platforms where possible.

If you don't already follow UKRS on Facebook & Linked In - please do so by liking/following our pages - Facebook: LinkedIn:


Join the "Training Providers, Working Together Through The Corona Virus Crisis" groups on Facebook and/or Linked In - which can be found here:

- - - -

Statement ends...
But the conversation does not... please do join the social media groups outlined above and let's continue the conversation and support each other.

Take Care & Stay Safe - UK Rural Skills

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