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Working Safely with Agricultural Machinery

Maintenance of farm machinery, including tasks under the work equipment, is a significant cause of death and serious injury on farms. Following the HSE issuing initial notification of a farm worker killed when machinery became detached from a tractor, we would like to share the following key messages:

Always make sure you:

  • Follow safe stop (handbrake on, into neutral, everything off, key out).
  • Don't carry out maintenance work unless trained and have the right equipment.
  • Use the correct supports (such as mechanical props, axle stands or scotches). Where possible, take additional precautions to ensure that machinery remains stationary (e.g. chock wheels).
  • Secure anything which could fall on you e.g. tailgates/doors/wheels/loading arms.
  • Don't just rely on the lifting equipment staying in place or on a hydraulic system alone to support the equipment or parts of it.
  • Never work beneath a vehicle that is only supported on jacks - use axle stands that are in good condition and suitably rated for the load.

Guidance can be found on HSE's website: vehicle and machinery maintenance and free leaflet working safely with agricultural machinery.


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