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Jeff NIcholls has been the go to source for information on moles and mole catching. Author of books on the subject he has appeared on international and national TV and radio speaking on traditional mole catching. Host of the very first instructional video on mole catching that inspired many to take up mole catching he presents a fascinating insight in what is required to compete with moles on an even field. This course is also accepted as part of the Master Molecatcher award. A educational enlightenment and an experience not to be missed

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Customer reviews

  • By Roger Hovell, N/A

    Molecatcher Course 25th March 2023

    Jeff Nicholls is undoubtedly an expert with that elusive ability to simplify a complex subject while adding interest and humour. Overall there was a sound mix of theory and practical work, augmented by a comprehensive power point presentation plus course material. In addition the stand alone models of relevant animals were of note. The venue and facilities had been well chosen and were all part of a day well spent.

  • By Simon Dunstone , Dunstone Pest Control

    Traditional Mole Control

    Absolutely amazing course at a perfect location. Jeff Nicholls was so informative, knowledgeable and passionate, he made the course interesting and fun. A fantastic day and I'd highly recommend this course.

  • By Iain Rennie, N/A


    The course is informative and well run. I would throughly recommend it to anyone getting started with traditional mole catching.

  • Informative & excellent knowledgeable chap.

    Going to have to say what a fantastic day. I had travel of 2.5hrs each way for the course and was not disappointed. Jeff made the day fun and his knowledge of Talpa Europaea is second to none. The day was professional, and in depth and I now look at mole hills and area with new light that had it not for Jeff imparting his knowledge to his students I would never have known. A real asset to the Rural Skills Jeff Nicholls is one of the most interesting and knowledgable people I have ever had the opportunity to meet. His passion and love of Moles is imparted through this course and long may he do so.

  • Mole course

    A very well put together course with a very knowledgeable instructor. It s a lot to take in in a one day course and could be split into two days. I found the theory side especially interesting and wished we could have spent more time on this but that is my personal preference not everyone else’s, over all I got a lot out of the day.

  • Great day

    Very interesting day. I learned so much more than I thought I would! Passion and enthusiasm from the trainer was incredible!

  • Brilliant course! Learnt so much.

    Brilliant course, informative, entertaining and educational. Learnt so much! Jeff is passionate about moles, and made me look differently at these industrious little creatures.

  • Traditional Mole Control Course 20th Feb 2022

    Absolutely fantastic day’s training! Jeff’s passion for the subject and his wealth of knowledge was very evident from the level of his preparation and his professional delivery from start to finish. The balance of theory and practical content was just right and I was amazed just how much Jeff was able to cram into a single day. I’ve now been inspired to put everything into practice and fully look forward to progressing to the next level.

  • By Annette Adaway, Absolute Moles

    Something everyone who has moles should do. This creature needs controlling not killing inhumanely!

    Thankfully I have learned how to control (kill if necessary with no suffering) one of an English wildlife creatures. Moles are just doing what we are all doing! Surviving, living, raising young, and just like you and me… need understanding and respect. Kill them if you must, but why make them suffer? Kill anything humanly. You wouldn’t want to eat any oven ready chicken that has been killed inhumanly, so why treat a mole with less respect? This course has totally made me understand moles, and I’m very grateful, to be made these amazing little creatures that need controlling - not just killing! Foxes are caught and ‘released somewhere safe’ so why aren’t moles?

  • By Adam Miles, Adams Garden Care

    Mole catcher. Course 01/22

    What a great day. Full of information, jeffs knowledge is given in such a interesting way the day passed very quickly. If you're keen to stop wasting hours and hours of your time, go on this course.

  • By Jeremy Smits, LP Control

    Mole Catching Course 08/01/22

    A very interesting day spent with Jeff. The course was very well scheduled with all of the topics explained very clearly and opportunities for questions to be asked whenever needed. The practical session in the afternoon was very useful putting everything covered in the morning to practice. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enter mole catching or to further an existing mole catchers understanding of the animal, its habits and the ethics of the trade.

  • By Simon Fern, Hepworth Trailers & Agri Services

    Mole Catcher Course

    Great course, great content and learnt a lot! Jeff's seen it all and done it all and happy to share his extensive knowledge and experience... A long trek from West Yorkshire but worth it!

  • By Ian Huggett, BlackDawg Mole Catchers

    Mole Course

    Excellent day of training, Course criteria very well delivered, I have taken away new ways of working and being able to offer a better service to my customers thanks to Jeff Nichols.

  • By Andrew Wintringham, Border Mole Control

    Master Molecatcher part 1

    Jeffs passion and knowledge for moles is obvious. This one day course is packed with useful information presented in a relaxed manner. Its pretty in-depth, but as Jeff said quite often, 'it will all come together in the end', and it did. Giving us a deeper knowledge about moles and therefore how to catch them in a more efficient manner.

  • By Andrew Swann, Pestforce Exeter

    Excellent Course

    A very interesting course covering all aspects of mole anatomy to best techniques in trapping moles. Great venue with good food provided. I learnt a lot

  • By Joanna Krasocha, Asha Krasocha

    Fantastic course

    Fantastic learning experience ran by Jeff.

  • By John Brownrigg, 911 Pest Control

    Level1 mole course

    Very good course and easy to follow.

  • Excellent course and fantastic value for money

    Excellent content and delivery. Perfect venue that provided the opportunity to practice skills and fantastic value for money.

  • By paul hetherington, Private individual

    Traditional Mole Control Trapping Course

    What a fabulous way to learn about the mole, its habits, its physiology, how to read the ground from the moles point of view all in a relaxed and well paced training course. Jeff was excellent in sharing his many years experience with the group and gave us plenty of time for questions throughout the whole day. The practical exercise was perfect as what we had learned over the previous few hours was put into sharp focus. Even if you do not wish to trap moles well worth your time attending and learning some fascinating facts, who knew the mole has the most teeth for a land mammal!

  • Training Course

    Excellent - just what I was looking for - getting a real understanding of the habits and tricks of the mole .... not to mention where and how to lay a trap correctly .... great presentation and delivery keeping it interesting and fast moving all the way through the day.

  • By Mick Crellin, The Traditional Mole Catcher - Cumbria

    Mole Control course

    The delivery of the course from the trainer Jeff Nicholls was excellent. His knowledge of mole control is second to none and even though I consider myself quite successful with controlling moles, I have learnt so much more from Jeff. The course was delivered with knowledge, wit and expertise and I take this all away with me. I have had memorable experience. Thank you Jeff for a great day and one to remember!

  • By Orlando Jackson, Pegasus Pest Control

    Traditional Mole Catching Skills

    Very comprehensive

  • By Barry Baker, N/a

    Mole catcher

    Had an amazing day - learnt so much. Jeff show real ture passion and great knowledge for the whole subject . A real like from me of Jeff`s whole attitude towards life , pest control ! And his care of moles . Great venue , great to get time to have ago in the field.

  • By Martin Cook, Molehunter

    Eye opener

    A very enjoyable and informative day...time well spent! I thought that I was well versed with best practices in catching the mole until I attended this course. Jeff busted some myths for me and pointed out how I could improve the service I deliver to both the mole and the client!

  • By Greg Hutchins, Pest Tec Crawley


    A very good course will recommend to my friends.

  • By rob Smith, The exterminator pest control

    Fantastic day

    What a great day, the course was fantastic learnt so much but in such a enjoyable way. Jeff was brilliant and clearly is the leading guy within this field. Will not hesitate to recommend and hopefully will be returning for my level 2 Thank you

  • By Adam Hillan, Amicus Environmental Services Ltd

    Informative AND enjoyable day

    Jeff the teacher was an amazing source of information on the Mole. Cant imagine many people knowing as much as this guy. Was a friendly day with some great hands on learning. The mysteries of the mole where unlocked

  • By Shaun Skinner, Shaunskinnerfencing services


    What a fantastic insight into the Moles world!! Jeff was a fantastic instructor, his knowledge of the mole was incredible, a life’s work no doubt. Roman and I are very grateful to be trained by the master. We look forward to some mole clearance, traps have been set tonight, so hopefully we have put that knowledge into practise. What a fantastic welcoming venue!!!

  • By Jim Allen, Allen Pest Control

    Course 17th November 2019

    An extremely informative course delivered by an expert in the subject. A packed day full of valuble content with a good practical session in the afternoon. Overall, a brilliant course.

  • By Elizabeth Thomas, Holey Moley (Lincs)

    Fascinating and Informative

    Absolutely loved the course. Every second was packed with information, could have stayed another day to listen to Jeff easily.

  • By Ben Jasper, Applied Mole Trapping (Not until April 2020)


    Very informative course that inspires me to start molecatching as soon as possible. The course facilitator is a mole guru and his respect and enthusiasm for the mole, only enhances the course delivery. Thanks very much. I do not start trading as a molecatcher until April 2020. This is when I am taking over an existing business. Therefore I don't want to advertise on the website until April 2020. Hence no business name supplied.

  • By Andrew Smith , Bolton pest control and prevention

    Traditional Mole catching course

    Fantastic course in every regard. An appropriate mix of science, practical, legislation, current issues and most important of all mole welfare. The moles are lucky to have Mr Nicholls as their ambassador and advocate. I highly recommend this course.

  • Excellent Day

    Jeff Nicholls has clearly spent a lifetime involved with moles and truly knows his stuff. The course content is well balanced with all aspects of moles covered, including the animal welfare, history and of course mole catching.

  • By Albert Campbell, Finchampstead Allotment Association

    Excellent course at Wokingham 14th April 2019

    Great classroom delivery and presentation and takeaway notes. Good practical session in field providing opportunity to apply some theory and gain feedback.

  • Traditional mole catching

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The whole day was full of useful information and skills. Jeff really delivers the course brilliantly. His passion comes right through over to the attendees. Ive learnt way more than i thought i would and would recommend this course to anyone with any interest in moles.

  • Informative

    Very interested and informative. Jeff was very helpful and willing to answer questions, his passion was infectious and I look forward to putting what I learnt to practice.

  • By Peter Jackson, P J Mole Removal Services

    Great Course

    Great course delivered by Jeff Nicholls. I found him very informative and a great teacher. I have come away with some fascinating new knowledge and skills to tackle the mole.

  • By Jessica Hayes, None

    Brilliant Day!

    Learnt a lot from Jeff about the world of the mole and how to catch them. The course was fun, informative and practical. I realise I still have a lot to learn from experience too. I would recommend to anyone.

  • By matthew benson, Matthew Benson tree surgery and gardening

    Great course

    The course was at a great location and taught amazingly and in depth. The training was great to do as the theory really helped me understand how to catch the mole and why you wouldnt catch it. Will be recommending this. I wasn't convinced on how you would find the moles tunnels till he showed me in person and giving me the chance to find one there and then on the spot. He has given a ton of advice which I will be taking on board.

  • By Frazer McCance , F W M

    Molecatching course with Jeff Nicholls

    What a brilliant course, a real eye opener and masterclass into the world of moles! I`ve come away having gained essential skills and knowledge in the most effective way to deal with moles. Jeff is a great chap and has a real passion for the welfare of moles, he`s got a lot of time for people wanting to learn about his passion. I honestly didn`t expect it to be as good as it was, great venue and great food. I would highly recommend this course.

  • By David Hicks, Moles away


    Thoroughly enjoyed the course nice to work with someone who shows passion and an understanding of his job. A rare thing these days

  • By David Piggott, BioNET Pest Control Services

    Masterclass in Mole Control

    Brilliant course, really enjoyed it. Was a masterclass in all aspects of Mole Biology and Control. Honestly wasn’t expecting it to be that good and pleased I attended this course. 10/10.

  • By Richad Bougard, Target Pest Control Hampshire

    Mole Course with Jeff Nicholls

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course where it has provided me with the essential skills in catching Moles, the venue was fantastic and everyone on the course was very friendly throughout the day. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in Moles or is keen to dispatch of them safely in their line of work. A special thanks to Jeff who made this a day I will never forget :)

  • By Darren Lee, Exterminate pest control services

    Great course

    Jeff was great, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I had already been carrying out mole control but wanted to increase my knowledge. The venue was nice, lunch was great. I also opted to stay at the venue the night before.