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For farmers wishing to diversify the current ADR Agreement 2005 and The Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2004 require the driver of any dangerous goods carrying vehicle, over certain thresholds, to undertake vocational training (ADR Certification) and in all cases to undertake training commensurate with their duties. Candidates receive training in the following areas: Fire, First Aid, Vehicle Documentation, Vehicle Equipment, Emergency Procedures, Hazards of Dangerous Goods, Security of Loads, Loading and Unloading of Dangerous Goods in Packages and Tankers. Delegates will sit the core unit and packages plus whichever classes they require listed above. Courses are held periodically for both refreshers and licenses from scratch. Our ADR courses and refresher courses are held periodically throughout the year. We use an excellent instructor who will take delegates through the ADR course work before they sit the SQA examination. Class 1: Explosives. 2: Gasses, compressed, liquefied or deeply refrigerated 3: Flammable liquids 4: 4:1 Flammable Solids 4:2 Spontaneously combustible 4:3 Dangerous when wet 5: 5:1 Oxidising agents 5:2 Organic peroxide 6: 6:1 Toxics 6:2 Infectious substances 7: Radioactives 8: Corrosives 9: Miscellaneous ? this is a class to hold various dangerous goods which cannot be readily placed in the other categories eg asbestos PCB?s (polychlorinated biphenyl?s) etc For more information as to the full nature of this course we suggest you contact your local training provider. You can find your nearest training provider using our search tools.

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