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Animal Health & Welfare

Animal Behaviour and Sentience

In this animal behaviour course you will study innate behaviour and learning theories, touch on ethology and approach the topic of animal sentience i.e. self-awareness. You will also learn that physiology and behaviour are interlinked. Learn how to carry out a behavioural study according to standard methods. There is a double unit in which you will carry out a behavioural study, analyse data and report your findings' Animal Behaviour provides the chance to study at level 5 and demonstrate the ability to produce work that matches university entrance standard requirements via alternative learning. You may not need this but the course will also support professional development in an existing role, career change or, personal interest. Animal behaviour and sentience is one of our courses that can be used as evidence for higher education applications according to the standards set by a college of Further and Higher Education. There are 6 units with the final unit being a trial run in using statistical analysis of behavioural data. The course uses peer-reviewed, published articles from academic journals which form part of the reading and reference list.

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