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Animal Health & Welfare

Canine Massage for Agility and Sport -Pre and Post Event Massage

Developing fitness, stability and strength in your sporting dog doesn’t just rely on exercise and training. The best way to compliment your dogs sporting needs is to address the hard working muscular system which is often the first place the body will accrue stress, tightness, fatigue and injury that can inhibit normal performance. Learn how to look after your dogs muscular system so they can have a long, safe career in their sporting discipline. In this fascinating and information packed 1 day workshop we teach you how to: • Apply a full pre event full body massage to enhance your dogs performance, improve range of motion (ROM) and reduce the likelihood of injury and fatigue • Apply a full post event cool down massage to help move the metabolic by products of exercise through the system to reduce stiffness and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) • Understand how muscle works to enable the dog to produce movement • Spot when a training problem may be a physical problem • Show how to help reduce the likelihood of injury to your dogs muscles, improve their focus, speed and accuracy, and prepare them to give their optimal performance each and every time.

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