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Driver CPC Training, EU Drivers Hours & Road Transport (WTD)

Module 1: Course Number: CRS6014/1259The aim of the course is to equip the drivers with the relevant updated knowledge of the legislation and regulations in order to comply with the ever changing transport directives 1a. Morning SessionIntroductions & Objectives Explain the reasons behind the CPCRegulation Implications & The Vehicle Unit Analogue and Digital comparison UTC (Universal Time Clock)Understanding Printouts and Pictograms1b. Afternoon SessionExplain the WTD (Working Time Directive) and how it will affect Driving Time. WTD and Tacho videoSummary of WTD and drivers hoursGroup exercise Discuss and clarify the points that arise from both group exercise WTD.Group discussion on the effects of today's learning and will help them at work in the future

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