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Animal Health & Welfare, Health and Safety

Extended Range Culling Course

The idea of extended range culling has a tendency to attract some very negative associations: YouTube videos for example of trophy hunters taking pot shots at deer feeding 1000 yards away or untrained stalkers competing with each other to see who has shot deer at the longest range with little regard for the animal’s welfare. There has been a huge increase in interest in long range shooting, particularly driven by American hunters, and this has found its way over to the UK. This type of shooting is borne out of a desire to test one’s abilities and perhaps, massage egos, rather than a specific need to cull animals. Whilst stalkers should be encouraged to hone their skills at extended to long range, the only place to do this is on the rifle range. In the UK the need for the humane culling of deer at extended ranges comes as a result of two influences; modern farming practices creating open expanses of land where deer that can’t be culled by other methods gather in apparent safety, and professional stalkers needing to be in a position to put right clients’ mistakes. Extended open range culling requires high standards of marksmanship, an in-depth knowledge of animal behaviour, well-developed decision-making skills and strong selfdiscipline along with the specific technical know-how associated with ballistics applications and wind management. It is not for the faint-hearted! As with all Jelen training, this course has been born from almost 36 years at the top of the profession, so much so that everything you will learn is from the knowledge and field-based experience amassed throughout that time.

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