Getting the Best out of Your Sprays and Sprayer - Cereals

Tom Robinson will aim each session to its particular audience. Content: Background to Modern Labels Development of UK spraying and what happens in other countries Spraying Practice and The Law including LERAPS and Reduced Volumes Water Volumes Adjuvants Sprayer Components and Plumbing (Practical Indoor) Sprayer Filling Features of a good sprayer Getting the best out of GPS Nozzle Physics (Practical Indoor) Characteristics of Different Nozzles Spray Drift, causes and prevention Targets, and how to hit them Setting the sprayer to optimise performance Design and Development of Improved Nozzles Filling sites Chemical stores Sprayer cleaning and Spray Disposal Techniques and Tips from Farm Sprayer Operator Of The Year Finalists Field Test and Demonstration of Different Nozzle Types (Practical Outdoor). The course is interactive, and should benefit all sprayer operators. However, it is specifically designed for operators who have completed at least one season’s spraying. Participants on the course should gain a better understanding of the key factors for getting improved results. What to look for in Sprayers and Spray Nozzles, how to get the best out of them, and get optimum pesticide performance on their farm. With a background in both Agriculture and Engineering, and over 40 years working with farmers and sprayer operators in the UK and around the world looking at ways to optimise performance; Tom Robinson has a unique mix of skills and experience in Spray Application, that have resulted in the development of many new spray techniques and nozzles that have become common practice.

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