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Animal Health & Welfare, Health and Safety

Live Capture Immobilisation and Live Animal Care

This training course aims to give trainees knowledge, understanding and basic skills in the live capture, immobilisation using remote chemical injection techniques and the subsequent care of animals. You will be required to carry out a detailed risk assessment, identify appropriate methods for the circumstances and use these methods effectively and safely. You will also need to monitor the animal's response to capture, handling and control and take appropriate action when required. You will need to be aware of your own limitations and ensure that you meet the legal responsibilities for duty of care under animal health and welfare legislation. This standard is suitable for anyone who captures, restrains and handles and restrains live animals. The course will be run in two parts. The first part will consist of the theoretical aspects of Live capture, including: Drug pharmacology, Choice of drugs, Safety precautions and accident procedure Animal Assessment, Principles of Remote Chemical Injection (RCI) and dart projector use. The second part will include a practical element, field-based exercises involving the use of live capture equipment owned by the candidate to include: Best practice in the use of dart projectors, and darts. Practical dart loading, Safety precautions and developing an Accident protocol.

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