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Mantrailing Scent Dogs

Mantrailing is a handler using a dog on a harness and long line to follow a scent trail of a person. Trailing comes natural to dogs – they use their amazing sense of smell to follow animal trails all the time, however, to stay focused on one trail and to follow a human trail is not so natural and is something that has to be taught. Mantrailing Scent Dogs is a programme of learning developed by experienced Mantrailing Instructors for any dog and their handler to progress in the activity of Mantrailing. Individuals interested in learning this activity do not require any previous experience however a basic knowledge and understanding of dog behaviour and basic training techniques can be advantageous. The course requires a level of commitment from the handler not only to work their own dog but to also support others and produce theory evidence therefore this may not be suitable to all. Handlers and dogs will need to have reached a level of competency in all units at level 1 and 2 in order to progress to the advanced level (level 3). At this stage Handlers have options of units to proceed with their own dog or to work towards supporting other dogs as a trainer. Individuals with a level of experience in Mantrailing wishing to instruct using the Mantrailing Scent Dogs criteria will need to complete Level 3 and be assessed by a qualified MSD assessor.

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