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Gain new customers by creating your own UKRS eLearning course

UKRS have over 50 accredited eLearning courses that can be used and re-sold by our members - covering topics from Manual Handling, Asbestos Awareness and Food Hygiene, through to topics like Leadership Skills and Social Media and Online Etiquette. These eLearning courses can be really useful if members are getting requests from people that they simply can't fulfil or if their customers want something obscure or at a time and place they simply cannot arrange and make it viable.

As well as offering these existing courses, UKRS can also help members create their own unique courses, opening up their courses to a much larger online, national, in fact international, audience.

With courses as diverse as Animals in Transit and Game Meat Hygiene which are currently in development, there really aren't many limitations on the kinds of courses that we can help our customers package up to fulfil online.

The eLearning courses are fully interactive. Video content can be used and topics can be broken down with questions and quizzes which make the sessions engaging and fun to take part in. By using combinations of the variety of question formats available, we'll give you full guidance and advice on the best way to structure your content and questions to ensure your topics are presented to be as engaging as possible.

With a setup cost of £500* plus VAT it really won't take long before the new customers gained will have paid for the eLearning courses creation.

See what's possible
Branching into new areas like eLearning can seem daunting, but we're here to fully support you in getting setup and before you know it you'll have the potential to start servicing a whole new customer base. UKRS members like APIS Solutions have been busily offering our online courses since we launched them earlier this year. You can see how they advertise them to their customers on their website -
It really is easy to implement and start offering our bank of 50+ courses to your customers - get in touch and we can soon have you up and running.

The potential to reach new customers
As training providers, you are without doubt doing great work in the environment you are most comfortable, successfully running practical and classroom courses... but of course you only have a limited number of hours in the day and restricted man power. eLearning offers you the chance to serve unlimited customers 24/7. It's been extremely satisfying for us to see our members recognising the opportunities eLearning represents in supporting what they are already doing in their real-world activities. UKRS members like Tree Bee (, have even started a spin-off company to purely serve eLearning courses.

"The launch of UKRS eLearning courses came at a time where we'd been considering how we could generate more business. Once we discovered how easily we could start using UKRS eLearning courses and providing them to our customer base it was a clear decision for us to integrate them into our current training offer. Launching was a simple business innovation for us, allowing us to create a focused eLearning offer around some of the bank of over 50 eLearning courses offered by UKRS which weren't a natural fit with our existing Tree Bee brand. We've a great reputation for serving our customers well and professionally - UKRS' quality eLearning product means we can meet more customer's needs, serving them online courses whenever they want."
Andrew Reade, Director, Tree Bee Society of Great Britain

Let's get your course online
If you have a course you'd like to package up to be made available online, get in touch and we can start guiding you through the process and send you our eLearning application form. Contact Louise Dennington on or telephone 01366 500050.

* A small fee is also charged per course conducted/certificate issued - the cost of which customers pass on to their customer. For full details of costs and general queries about eLearning contact us using the details above.

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