If you are a training provider looking for cost effective accreditation and certification for your training courses, we can help by offering a range of options to accommodate your needs.

Following considerable support from training providers and industry, UKRS has introduced an accreditation scheme aimed at improving standards of training and safety across the land based sector. UKRS promotes high standards of training and is dedicated to helping its members maximise safe operation within the industry.


  • Low cost, because the scheme is industry driven and non-profit making
  • Covers a wide range of accredited land based courses
  • Access to 100s of course standards to assist you in maintaining minimum standards
  • Access to workbooks for plant, machinery and lifting operations
  • Display UKRS quality kitemark in your promotional materials
  • The fact that your courses are accredited automatically add value to your training offer
  • Gives confidence to your customers that your training courses meet minimum standards


As part of our accreditation service we will review your training against national/industry standards giving assurance that your training has been internally approved and quality assured by UKRS.

Accreditation options – (course owned by training providers/members which are submitted to UKRS for accreditation)

£50+vat: If you share your course standards with other members and upload to the UKRS web databank for other members to access.

£125+vat: If you wish your course to have restricted use and not be made available to other members nor appear on the open web databank.

How to apply

  • STEP 1 – You need to be a UKRS member to apply for accreditation. Find out how to join UKRS by visiting our ‘Become a member’ page.
  • STEP 2 – Complete the online accreditation application form and submit along with your course details.
  • STEP 3 – Your application is reviewed by UKRS – we aim to review your application within 14 days.
  • STEP 4 – Your application is approved (You will receive an email confirmation. You will then be able to promote your course and certificate learners with the endorsement of UKRS logo).

Please note - price per certificate may vary depending on the complexity, level and duration of the course you would like accrediting. This will be discussed before any work on your course accreditation is started.