Our eLearning service enables members to offer online eLearning courses to their customers and also create their own eLearning courses.

As well as offering a portfolio of over 700 practical and site based accredited training courses for our members to run, we’ve also an impressive 80+ eLearning courses, spanning business management & health & safety.

The eLearning service enables members of UKRS to offer online eLearning courses to their customers and also create their own eLearning courses.

Our eLearning courses

Our eLearning portfolio of courses cover everything from popular courses like Manual Handling and Food Hygiene through to more niche courses like Driver Fatigue Management and Performance & Wellbeing for Employees.

A full list of the eLearning courses offered by UKRS can be found by clicking here.

Supporting, not replacing, your wider training offer

We see eLearning as a support to hands-on practical and classroom training - not a replacement.

With our industry being primarily focussed on practical and site based accredited training – it is natural to be sceptical of eLearning, however, there are times when eLearning can be an advantageous way of supporting traditional training. For instance, it might be that a trainee desperately needs a course at a time of year when a training provider is not running it and would have little chance of filling an open course if one were to be arranged – during harvest for example.

About eLearning content

About the eLearning content

As a UKRS accredited course, all content is checked over thoroughly and verified by experts in the specific field relevant to the course, as well as being developed in accordance with all Health and Safety Legislation in the United Kingdom.

A highly powerful training tool, the eLearning content on offer through UKRS uses a combination of live action video, text, voice over and interactive tests to provide an engaging and highly effective way of training. Video content is delivered in chapters and is followed by assessments.

Example video content

Find out more – get in touch

For more information about how you can start reselling our eLearning courses to your customers contact us on info@ukruralskills.co.uk or phone on 01366 500050.

Create your own eLearning course

One of the important aspects of the eLearning system adopted by UKRS is its flexibility. This flexibility enables UKRS to extend its accreditation services to training providers and instructors looking to accredit their own bespoke eLearning courses.

Training providers who wish to create their own eLearning courses can easily do so in consultation with UKRS. UKRS eLearning staff help the training providers compile the right kind of content which they then review against national/industry standards giving assurance their training has been internally approved and quality assured by UKRS. To make things as easy as possible UKRS then upload the content and compile and publish the full eLearning course meaning there is no cumbersome technical work for the training provider.

With a setup cost of £500* plus VAT it really won't take long before the new customers gained will have paid for the eLearning courses creation.

Let's get your course online

If you have a course you'd like to package up to be made available online, get in touch and we can start guiding you through the process and send you our eLearning application form. Contact Louise Dennington on admin@ukruralskills.co.uk or telephone 01366 500050.

* A small fee is also charged per course conducted/certificate issued - the cost of which members pass on to their customer.

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